59 Tips Learned in 3 Days at Ableton Loop 2018 Conference

I was fortunate enough to attended the Ableton Loop 2018 summit a few weeks ago and it was a blast.  I learned so much about new plugins, software, recording techniques, controllers, machine learning and much more.  Also I met so many great people.  I wanted to list all the tips I learned.  You can read about them by clicking the links below.



11 Tips Learned at Ableton Loop 2018 - Day 1

Spitfire Audio Sample Libraries, Nima Firkara on Orchestration writing, Pitchwheel, 3D Audio, Boss RC-300 Looper, Waves L2 Limiter and much more.



19 Tips Learned at Ableton Loop 2018 - Day 2

Max 8 MC, Kemper Amps, Isotonix Clyphx, Bluetooth Paper Instruments, Photay’s Composing Technique and much more.



29 Tips Learned at Ableton Loop 2018 - Day 3

Scientist’s Dub Techniques, MIDI Merlin, Roli Seaboards, Redundancy Backup for Ableton Live, Resolume, DMXis and much more.