Ableton – Create Impact by Removing Clips Before a Transition

There is a special way to make a new section of your song come in with a bang.  It is not by adding more tracks.  It is by muting certain tracks and clips the measure preceding the new part of the song.  In Ableton, you could start cutting clips and deactivate them by pushing “0”.

I like to stop the drums a measure before the new part.   I usually end up keeping the kick drum on beat one of the preceding measure.   I will try taking back the pads and the guitars and see how it sounds.  Sometimes a solo bass sliding up creates a lot of tension and is cool when all the other instruments are muted.  It depends on the style of music you are making.  In EDM, it might be best just to have a Solo vocal in the empty measure, or solo fill, or rise.   Play around with muting tracks to see what sounds best for your song.

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Sometimes it sounds better to bring back instruments just a half measure or a ¼ beat before the new part.  It depends on the song.   If you play around with it, try muting clips for a measure, half measure, or a beat.   Then what ever you add before the drop or chorus will really stand out, whether it is a fill or solo vocal or instrument.  Also, since that measure is so empty, the new part of your song will come in with a bang.  

I hope this helps you. Leave a comment about how you like to add a new transitions.

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