Ableton Download – Ducking Delay – Effects Rack – SS0004

Ableton Ducking Delay - SS0004

Ducking Delay Overview – SS0004 

This Ableton download from The Second Spirit is a ducking delay effects rack.  It has the ability to add ducking delays to your audio track. Ducking delays are delays that only raise in volume when vocals or other instruments are not playing. Then the delays are quieted when the vocals or instruments sound is heard in the track. This happens automatically so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time programming delay automation.


The Second Spirit SS0004 Ableton Ducking Delay Demo

Watch the SS0004 in action on a vocal loop and learn about its different functions.

SS0004 Ducking Delay Controllable Parameters

The parameters of this effect are easy to control with the assigned macro knobs

Delay Volume

Controls the volume of the Ducking Delay