Ableton Tip – How to Make a MIDI Octave Sweeper

In the video below, I am going to show you how to make an Ableton MIDI octave sweeper.  This is a great tool to use to change octaves easily with the turn of a knob.  It is faster than dragging an Ableton pitch effect from the browser then entering the correct transposition or changing the octave in manually in the VST plugin.  



I found difficult and time consuming to change MIDI octaves when creating layers of synths in Massive or other VSTS on multiple tracks.   While my melody or chord progression was playing in the background, I would scroll through sound banks in a synth.  Sometimes I would find the right sound, but it would be in the wrong octave.  This Ableton octave sweeper makes it easy to change octaves to achieve the desired sound. 


Here are the Macros settings I used for 3 octaves up and 3 octaves down:



I also show you how to set it as a default effect for your MIDI tracks so when you add a new MIDI track it will always be there.

Quick Quak Pitchweel Plugin for quick Audio Transposition:
Quik Quak Pitch Wheel

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