Ableton Tips – Get DJs to PLAY YOUR SONG with a mixable INTROs & OUTROs – 4 PRODUCER TIPS

Want to get DJs to play your songs? Here are 3 Ableton Tips to create easy to mix, DJ friendly, extended Intros and Outros. In this video I tell you how long the intros should be, how to simplify them, and how to start introducing tonic notes. Then I have a 4th BONUS tip on how to get your songs to DJs.

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📒 Show Notes 📒

How long should the extended DJ intro be? 24 Bars is good. I would say between 16 and 32 bars

1️⃣ Simplify the beat in the beginning so that it can mix easily with other beats. This may mean taking out some of the extra kicks, snares or hats and off beats.

2️⃣ Keep the kicks, snares and hats in the extended intro and outro for fidelity, this gives the DJs more options. They can EQ cut what they don’t want. If you take out elements that give full fidelity, then the DJ won’t have as many option to mix in parts.

3️⃣ After a few bars, have some tones to add color but make them on the tonic note or root chord of the key of the song. Do not add too much melody or harmony so DJs can mix it easier with other songs which maybe in a near by Camelot Key.


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