Busking by The Las Vegas Cromwell and Drai’s After Hours Nightclub

My friend Robert Jones got a new camera and came out the other day to shoot pics of me busking by the Cromwell Casino here in Las Vegas.   I loved how they turned out so I thought I would post some up.

Click here to check out the pics.

The Second Spirit - Busking in Las Vegas - Cromwell - 2017-01-12 Nice Tip Thanks

Its been a crazy winter here in Vegas this past month.  A lot of bad weather plus I have been sick so it was hard to play for a couple weeks.

I had a couple fun karaoke victims decide sing a few songs with me that night.  They were really entertaining to hang out with and super expressive. Hopefully they will connect with me again.  Because people love singing along, I have a virtual karaoke song list and lyrics on my website.   This way people can bring it right up on their phone when they want to sing on the strip.  They can find a song they like and then click through to the lyrics.  You can check it out here – Karaoke List.

Robert Jones is a great video editor who has done some really funny and uplifting dance mash ups.  I really hope you check out his page and videos. They always make me feel happy after watching them.  They are so amusing.  You can check out his videos here:

Robert Jones Facebook Page