Drone Quadcopter

I have been a Las Vegas strip street performer for a while now. I have seen a lot of different things from proposals, fights, to dancing pandas. But the past few nights I have had this quadcopter drone follow me around. I don’t know if its the police or some hobbyist out there.  Either way, I know that I am a help out there.  I know I have saved a few lives and treated some drunk medical emergencies.  One time a person fell to the floor and had no pulse, so I called the ambulance right away.  Another night I remember this girl that stepped on a champagne glass in front of me and was bleeding all over the place.  I gave them the quickest directions to the nearest facility that could bandage her up. Either way, if it is you Big Brother watching me from a drone, you needn’t worry about me for I am only a help out there.

(Original Picture taken by Ed Schipul , Some Rights Reserved, No Changes Made)