HSC’s EP Challenge – Week 3


The Second Spirit enrolls in the Joe Gilder’s Home Studio Corner’s EP Challenge. Check out the EP Challenge at Home Studio Corner. This week was planning on doing more songwriting but the plans have changed and I have to get all of my drum recording done by Sunday April 23rd, 2015 (this week). I will need to have all of my guide tracks done by Wednesday for the drummer.

Review of last week: I let go of one song I was attached to. I tried different arrangements, different melodies, different chorus and verses, and different keys. Nothing seem to work with it so I let go of that song and started working on a new one. The new one rolled out in 30 minutes. The parts all went easily together and I wrote a chorus and first verse lyrics in 30 minutes. There is something to be said about letting go of songs that don’t work for a little while. Ohh look at my hairy arm!