HSC’s EP Challenge – Week 8

This was a challenging week of recording guitars for me. Because I live in an apartment, there is a lot of noise surrounding me (Jets, cars, people). Today , I reviewed all the recording I did and I was unhappy with the tone, performance, hum and tuning I had on a lot of songs. So this week I might have to rerecord a lot of guitars. I am going to go through song by song now and try to mix and record guitars per songs so I can see where I am at for my deadline. I might have to cut my songs to 3 instead of 6 so that I can assure more quality.

Because of the noise, I used remote access on Windows 10 to access my noisy laptop from a different room and ran the cables and headphones into the quiet room. This worked except that it was a very small screen to move my tracks back to compensate for the audio interface latency.
I ended up liking most of the acoustic recordings in mono and doubling. This seemed to work best for me. Cheers.