The New Music Industries’ Indie Artist Workload

Is the quality of my music is lacking because I am writing, producing, performing, programing, mixing, doing the artwork, marketing, developing my website all myself? 
Something has to give, but unfortunately, I dont have the money to hire people. Its such a catch. To make music well with this workload takes a long, long time. I would like to outsource some things; otherwise, I feel it just takes an unnatural amount of time to make something good.
What is a good strategy? Create, record and release lower quality songs faster or make better quality stuff that takes a year or two? Or work for the man and get a higher paying job to outsource the workload. Or try as hard as possible to make good friends to do or trade work for low costs or free. The long rate to make everything myself just doesn’t feel natural. I don’t know, whats your take?

I figure the most important thing of it all is the song. Focusing the most of the energy to songwriting. Maybe trying to release acoustic songs instead of full band and productions tracks might speed up the workflow. But unfortunately thats not the sound I like.  
The months spending to learn photoshop, to create the artwork vision I had, could have been spent writing more songs. The time learning website development could have been devoted to lyrics, but then again you wouldn’t be reading this if it was. I don’t know. What do you think?