11 Most Interesting Las Vegas Tips Received, You Won’t Believe #2

I’ve received some very interesting Las Vegas tips as a street performer over these last few years. Some of them are hilarious so I thought I would share them with you. So here is my list of the 11 most interesting and coolest tips I have received, counting down to number 1 being the best, and hey if your visiting Vegas and want to come sing a karaoke song on the Vegas streets with me, send me a message here:

11. The eleventh strangest thing would be frogs, plastic frogs. Somebody threw in a whole bunch of plastic frogs into my tip jar one night. Frogs are a symbol of fertility, It was an interesting gift and I still have some of them laying around in my busking case for good luck.  Maybe the frogs will make me more money $$$.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Plastic Frogs
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Plastic Frogs

10. A Redbox movie.  How thoughtful,  I could have a lazy night and get a free movie.  So kind.  I only received this tip once but for some reason it made me real happy.  Probably because no one gave me a free Redbox movie rental before.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Redbox Rental
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Redbox Rental

9. Not so strange but cool, I get a lot of $2 bills. I have been collecting them and could probably make a wall of them by now. Usually when people give them to me, they tell me how it’s their lucky $2 bill. They tell me their $2 bill story and how they have had for years. It’s always a nice gift and usually has a cool story with it.

8. Flowers. I get flowers sometimes. It’s a lovely gesture and makes me feel like a rock star. It makes my tipping area look more like a shrine. After getting flowers, I usually have a good night. There almost like a good luck charm.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Origami Money
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Origami Money

7. Animal balloons, I have gotten a lot of them over the years. Usually they are formed into different animals or sexual paraphernalia because of the bachelorette parties that come to town. These girls are always shouting the same phrase when I see them ,”Hey We Are In Vegas”.

6. People love to give me hats. From baseball caps, to Fedoras. I don’t know why they give me hats, but they give me hats. Some brand new, some used. I have got a new Floyd Mayweather TMT hat  and a straw Fedora.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Assortment of Hats
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Assortment of Hats

5. Birth control and condoms. I have received new packaged condoms quite a few times.  But yes one time I received a month of birth control pills.  Strange tip Huh?

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Pills
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Pills

4. Speaking of pills, people throw a lot of strange different colored pills into my tip jar. Sometimes Tylenol, sometimes other things. A lot of times I have no idea of what kind of pill it is. I  have never dared to take one of them, but I get them a lot. A colorful abundance of pills.  One time they threw in a whole bottle of pills.  They throw drugs and alcohol into my tip jar too and it puts me in a very awkward position.  Come On, I am Sober.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Alcohol
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Alcohol

3. One of the best tips I got was a 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar worth around $80. I keep this on my studio table for good luck. I have received a lot of worldly money and unique coins but this is the one that was worth the most.  To think it was made over 100 years ago in the Mauve Decade is incredible.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - 1890 Morgan Dollar
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – 1890 Morgan Dollar

2. The second strangest tip I got was a human.  Yep lol , someone literally climbed right into my open guitar case once and passed out.  As I recall, they laid in there for an hour and took a nap.  It was a good night and I still got tipped.  People thought it was funny.  I have another picture of someone else’s passing out on my guitar case, I don’t remember the details of this one.

Interesting Las Vegas Tips - Human Tip
Interesting Las Vegas Tips – Human Tip

1. Ok here we are at the number one coolest tip I got street performing.   Drum roll please..  Number one best tip was a wedding ring. Yep it was just sitting in my tip jar.  I don’t know who put it in, or why.  Were they mad at their spouse, or just really had a fun time, or too drunk to know what they were doing? I ended up trading it in for some earrings for my girlfriend.  I think this was the coolest tip I’ve gotten so far.


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