Ableton Performance Tip – Keymap the Re-Enable Automation Button

I have a lot of automation programmed in my new album. They control the effects and sweeps which my live guitar and keyboard run through when I perform.

I also have a some midi mapped controllers so I can adjust values of filters and delays in realtime. Fun!!

Anytime I start knob twiddling, to play with effects live, the re-enable automation button lights up orange. This lets me know that the automation is different from what is programmed in the live set.

If I click the re-enable automation button it “re-enables” the automation that I programmed in Ableton set.

Key-Map the Re-Enable Automation Button


Well, I ended up pushing the “re-enable automation” button so many times while performing my album, I found it very beneficial to key-map it to a keyboard or midi button.

This makes it so easy to bring back the original automation of album or tracks you changed with a click of a button.

1. Push key or midi mapping button

Key-Map the Re-Enable Automation Button


2. Click the “re-enable automation” button

Key-Map the Re-Enable Automation Button


3. Push the keyboard key or midi button that you want to control it. I use “q”

4. Your all set. Anytime your performing, just click your assigned button to bring back the pre-programmed automation if you changed it.

BTW – My new Album “Valley of Sapphire” is released everywhere today. Because of Ableton, I was able to create a electronic chill out album with feeling. It also has some acoustic elements in it such as classical guitar.

Listen to it or download it from all the platforms (Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google etc.) here:

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