Modern Life – Chill Remix

1. How it started

In the beginning, I made up a acoustic version of the song “Modern Life” that I could play on the Las Vegas strip while busking.

I recently bought a new tube mic (AKG Solidtube) and was excited to use it so I recorded this new version with it.    I actually streamed it live on Facebook while I was recording it.  You can check out the stream below.

2. The beginning tracks

Later, I came up with a chill step beat to back these live streaming tracks I had.    While on vacation in California, in the hotel, I wrote the strings section in Ableton Live.

3. Check out how far it went here!

After taking my shot at mastering it is ready to release on 4-18-2017, but you can get it free now.

4. Get it free now:

[convertkit form=5006679]


5. Or check it out here: