Poland and The House of the Rising Sun

I was requested to play the song “House of the Rising Sun” the other night by a Polish woman by the name Halina M. Wrona-Ikeuchi. She was singing along with me but in Polish. She mentioned it was her favorite song. I asked her how she knew it in Polish. It turns out that they used to play the Animals version of the song in Poland but sung in polish. I figured Eric Burdon didn’t sing it in Polish but I can’t find a release of a Polish version from back then. The Animals version of the song came out in 1964 and quickly rose to the top of the charts. Maybe Halina was referring to Polish version which wasn’t released by The Animals.

I talked more to Halina about her past because it intrigued me. Being half Polish myself maybe my roots were trying to connect more with Polish history and Poland in the 1960s. She lived in Poland until she was 33, at when she moved to the USA. But as I talked to her she seemed to have great enjoyment from the simple things of the world. She had a happy innocence to her that I respected. Well I found out that she was a writer. She wrote a book named Proverbs.

Here is a link to her book


Proverbs by Halina-m. Wrona Ikeuchi