Say What You Mean – Song Preview – The Second Spirit


“Say What You Mean” is a song about being second in a long distance relationship.  Oh, and the girl couldn’t be honest to save her life.  I wrote this when I was in crunch time with Joe Gilder’s EP challenge which was a blast.    It didn’t take long to write, I think I wrote it in a couple days.

The verse is really in 6/4 but I think my brother Justin Stills found a way to play it straight on the drums which sounds very pleasing.  My friend Lance Miller played the keyboard pads in the background.

I really wanted the background instruments to not be really noticeable but in there.  I got this idea from Jack Johnson’s song “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”.   It was like the song sounds personal and acoustic but if you listen closely, there is a lot going on in it.   So that is what I was trying to achieve.  A personal up close acoustic song but with the whole band there.

“Say What You Mean” will be released 11-08-2016 as a single.  It will also be on my album Modern Life which is going to be released on 11-15-2016.


The fifth and final track featured within this EP takes the music to a different direction, introducing an upbeat and colorful acoustic guitar melodies that echoes 70s folk-rock. This song takes the project’s experimental and creative essence, stripping it of the layers of synth and distortion, but still marking the forward-thinking and diverse approach to songwriting.



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