Splice – Ableton Project Collaboration / Backup / Sync Tool

I want to share with you my Ableton Chillstep project on Splice. If you haven’t heard of Splice, it’s a really cool DAW collaboration, backup, sample library cloud system for Ableton, Logic, GarageBand, and FL Studio projects.

It has a lot of great features, it can automatically sync your Ableton projects in the cloud as back-ups. Thus, giving someone the ability to collaborate with other users easily. It also shows a graphic interface of each Ableton project and its clips where you can add notes and easily access any previous save.

You can collaborate with people on your projects, download new versions from the cloud to your system or other systems.

Every time you save a project on your computer, the Splice client automatically loads the new version up to the cloud. I put my new song Chill Remix of Modern Life up there so if anyone is interested, you can download it and play with it or just check out Splice in general. It’s really fun.


Splice - Ableton Project Collaboration Tool
Splice – Ableton Project Collaboration Tool



I mostly use Splice for its sample libraries. For a very small fee per month, I get 100 samples a month that I can download. It has a huge database of samples. You can check that out, too. If you go below.

If you don’t want to access the sample library, you can use the project syncing and collaboration tools for free right now once you make an account. You can back up your Ableton projects, collaborate with other people, check out other projects and it’s works really well with Ableton. Just make sure you don’t save multiple projects in the same project folder (this messes up the syncing, keep only one project file per project folder).

I have had splice for a few months, but I haven’t put a project public until now. I thought it would be fun to experiment with. You can check it out if you want, download it, play with it. There’s stems with it, too. If you don’t have Ableton Suite plug-ins, you can use the stems. I froze the tracks with Massive in it, so if you don’t have Massive there’s frozen Ableton tracks in there so you can hear them.

Anyway, hope you get to check it out and remix or play around with that project or at least check out Splice because it’s very innovative and inspiring.

Here is the link to my Ableton project if you want to check it out, but to download it, you would have to make a Splice account with one of the links below or on your own.

Modern Life (Chill Remix) Ableton Project on Splice

If you want to make a Free Splice account to back up and sync your projects, right now it is free and you can do so here:

Free account to back up and sync your Ableton Projects no monthly fee

If you want to get a FREE month of  Splice Sounds enter coupon code SECONDSPIRIT here:

One free month of Splice Sounds with CODE: SECONDSPIRIT

(To gain Access to the sample library you will have to become a premium member at a low monthly fee.  At the time writing this it is $7.99 per month for 100 sample credits, I can’t guarantee it will stay this price. Most samples are 1 credit, MIDI files and VST Presets are usualy around 3 credits.)

I get 100 samples for free if you sign up with the link above.   I would like to experiment with collaborating with people and play with its syncing capabilities. I wanted to write post on it for a while now and this gave me a little fire to do it. So hopefully you’ll check Splice out. Maybe we can all collaborate with each other or get inspired.

Cheers! Matt