I wrote  this song about my father. I lost my father in a car accident when was I two .  And even though he is not here with me, There has been points in my life when I felt his spirit come out of the unseen to help guide me.

Previously I threw down a post punk demo of it with Joey Hennigan.   I had even started a reggae version with JJ Johnson.  But one day I just felt like playing with it in Ableton Live.  I was so inspired by chillstep at the time I started with a halftime beat. And little did I know I finished this electronica version in about two days.  I remember questioning myself if it was done.  I seemed too quick, too easy.  I only had about 8 tracks  and most of my song had around 40 tracks.  It was done.


Unseen blurs the lines between industrial electronica and garage rock. With its steady beat and dreamy synth melodies, the song echoes the work of forward-thinking pioneers like Eels, Beck or Dirty Projectors. The wash of saturated grit that surrounds the production give the song an edgy, authentic texture.