“Words” is a song about society, honesty, gossip and influential pressure.  I wrote the verse melody first on guitar, then slowly started on the chorus. Feeling stuck, I asked my brother Justin Stills to help co-write the lyrics.  We wrote the chorus together and tether on the verses.

The intro guitar instrumentation came to me in the recording process.  I got an idea to do a high speed picking in the chorus from Jason from a Portland band Stars of Track and Field.   I met him when collaborating on the Snout music project.   I really wanted to have that Neil Young type of chorus with lots of high folky female harmonies. Luckily Leigh Sogoloff had no problem helping sing the chorus.



“Immediately striking for its beautiful melodies and honest personal lyricism, “Words” is a touching melodic indie rock song that makes me think of bands such as The Gaslight Anthem. This track evokes a sense of nostalgia, while remaining extremely focused and upbeat.”  —  Laserlife


“Words” was one of those songs that had so many instruments.   It was hard to record and simplify because I didn’t want to leave anything out.  I always felt real close to this song.   Maybe because my brother and I worked on it together and its internal meaning.  It takes a spin on judge me for what I do not for what is said about me or what I say.

“Words” will be released 10-25-2016 as a single.  It will also be on my album Modern Life which is going to be released on 11-15-2016.