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  • 10-11-2016

    Rescue Car

    “Rescue Car” is like a bullet: a song that goes straight to the point, with no embellishment or ornaments, just substance. The track blurs the line between the raw energy of The Stooges and the catchy melodies of The Kinks, making for an outstanding retro feel with a great rock and roll groove and cool fuzzy guitar leads.

  • 10-18-2016


    Unseen blurs the lines between industrial electronica and garage rock. With its steady beat and dreamy synth melodies, the song echoes the work of forward-thinking pioneers like Eels, Beck or Dirty Projectors. The wash of saturated grit that surrounds the production give the song an edgy, authentic texture.

  • 10-25-2016


    Immediately striking for its beautiful melodies and honest personal lyricism, “Words” is a touching melodic indie rock song that makes me think of bands such as The Gaslight Anthem. This track evokes a sense of nostalgia, while remaining extremely focused and upbeat.

  • 11-01-2016

    Modern Life

     One of the most experimental tracks on the EP, Modern Life featured heavy electronic elements, including highly distorted beats, motion synthesizers and beautifully minimal guitar melodies. The sincere and direct vocals take a special place under the spotlight, echoing the work of artists such as Son Lux or Minus The Bear.

  • 11-08-2016

    Say What You Mean

    The fifth and final track featured within this EP takes the music to a different direction, introducing an upbeat and colorful acoustic guitar melodies that echoes 70s folk-rock. This song takes the project’s experimental and creative essence, stripping it of the layers of synth and distortion, but still marking the forward-thinking and diverse approach to songwriting.

  • 11-14-2016

    Secret Hidden Release

    This is a secret release coming out day before the Modern Life album.  ?????

  • 11-15-2016

    Modern Life > Album

    Modern Life is a kaleidoscopic studio effort from The Second Spirit. The album depict a complex, eclectic and diverse sonic scenario where different genres collide in a completely unique and unpredictable way.


    The Second Sprit combines elements of back-to-basics alternative rock with a combination of striking electronic quirks and beautiful sonic atmospheres. Part psychedelic, part post-rock, the album’s most cinematic side is a chockfull of lush and memorable sonic backdrops that add a sense of depth and emotion to the tracks. On the other hand, the album gains immediacy and energy in the form of the earnest rock and roll influence, hinting at genres as diverse as garage, post-punk and alternative.


    Modern Life is definitely a suitable title for an album with many shades that make it hard to pigeonhole into one specific category.

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