The Second Spirit Profile 2020-05-08


The name The Second Spirit was given to me by a Russian author named Vladislav Tamarov.   I would see Vlad when I performed out on the streets of Las Vegas. 

He described The Second Spirit, as a spirit that’s not confined by rules of the physical world or desires. He told me he used The Second Spirit to help get him through the war when he was drafted as a teenager. 

To me, the name described exactly how I felt about music.  I always considered music to be a boundless incredible force of life.   Unfortunately, my good friend Vlad past away but will always be remembered – Matt

The Second Spirit is stage name of Matthew Victory Warren, a Eugene, Oregon native currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Warren is a singer-songwriter and record producer whom creates a variety of styles within the rock and electronic genre.  His main instrument is guitar and is influenced heavily by the raw nature of street performing. 

The Second Spirit’s music echoes the forward-thinking and diverse approach of bands such as Mission of Burma, The Flaming Lips or Sonic Youth.  He breaks the cookie-cutter template of traditional indie rock to deliver a sound that’s all about roomy ambient synth landscapes, pounding drums, saturated guitar walls and witty subversive lyrical themes, uttered by a voice drenched in reverb.  He embraces his love for classic song-writing, alternative rock and dream-pop, by emphasizing on the textural quality of the music as much as on the melodic and lyrical components of it.

On the electronic side, The Second Spirit produces electronic soundscapes and beats resembling the sounds of the Boards of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss, and Arovane.    His album “Valley of Sapphire” takes the listener on a journey into a peaceful distant world filled with down-tempo beats, angelic guitar melodies, and powerful synth crescendos.

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