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The Second Spirit Portrait February 2023


The Second Spirit is stage name of Matthew Victory Warren, a Eugene, Oregon native currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Warren is a singer-songwriter and producer who creates a variety of styles within the alternative and electronica genre.  His main instrument is guitar but is influenced heavily by the electronic music scene.


The Second Spirit’s music echoes the forward-thinking and diverse approach of bands such as Tame Impala, The Strokes, Seven Lions and MGMT.  He breaks the cookie-cutter template of traditional alternative rock to deliver a sound that is roomy with ambient synth landscapes, pounding drums, saturated guitar, and witty subversive lyrical themes.  He embraces his love for classic songwriting, neo-psychedelia, and post-punk, by infusing catchy melodic hooks into a landscape of harmonic textures.


His debut EP release, Modern Life, combines elements of back-to-basics alternative rock with a combination of electronic beats and beautiful sonic atmospheres. Part psychedelic, part post-rock, the album gains immediacy and energy in the form of the earnest rock and roll influence, hinting at genres as diverse as garage, dream-pop and alternative, sounding like The Strokes, David Bowie, and The Pixies.


On the electronic side, The Second Spirit produces electronic soundscapes and beats resembling the sounds of the Boards of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss, and Arovane.  His instrumental chillout album, Valley of Sapphire, takes the listener on a journey into a peaceful distant world filled with down-tempo beats, angelic guitar melodies, and powerful synth crescendos.


His latest EP, Strictly Invisible, dives into the chillwave, indie pop, dance, and electronic genres.   It resembles the likes of Tame Impala, Depeche Mode, Martin Garixx and David Bowie.  It has a punchy 80s sound, coupled with organic synths, 808 bass hits, EDM buildups, and fun passionate lyrics and hooks.



The single “Minutes” from the Strictly Invisible EP, stands out with an iconic 80s vibe, a catchy reverberated guitar hook, and dreamy lyrics twisting time and romance into an endless sky of colors.  It is a song that creates a cool euphoric environment you will never want to leave.


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