Ableton Fix – 2 Most Annoying Drum Rack Problems and How to Fix Them

In this video I tell you how to fix 2 of the most annoying problems in the Ableton Drum Rack or Ableton Sampler.

Here are the problems:

1. When trying to edit a drum rack or sample chain while playing the song, the chain changes real quick to a different sample chain, making it too hard to edit the chain selected.

2. When editing midi note volume or velocity for a note, it doesn\’t seem to change the volume very much in the drum rack or sampler.

Here is how to fix it:

1. Turn of the auto selector in the Drum Rack, it is the little yellow arrow on the bottom left of the Drum Rack or Sampler

2. Turn the \”Volume to Velocity\” to 100%. It is located in the Drum Rack or Sampler\’s particular chain. Under the sample controls for the sound you are trying to edit. There is a knob called \”Volume to Velocity\”.

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