7 Ableton Utility Tips – Volume Automation, Bass Mono, Width

The Ableton Utility is such a charming little device.   I’m am going to show you 7 different ways that you can use the Ableton Utility to improve your mixes and workflow.



⚡️ 00:11 Volume Automation – Record your volume automation using the gain knob on the utility, this way you can use your faders for mixing post volume automation.  This is such a great feature.

⚡️ 00:50 Diminish Button – Add a -20DB diminish button on the master track for Direct Monitoring.   I have noticed that using a Focusrite for recording vocals the direct monitor level is always too low.  This helps match the levels of the Direct monitor to the master.   Also, you can use a diminish button to check the mix at different DB levels.  Our ears hear different frequencies at different levels so checking your mix this way can improve it.

⚡️ 02:21 Bass Mono Button –  This button allows you to choose a frequency that anything below this frequency will be put in mono.  This is great for mixing.  A lot of times we put lower frequencies in the center channel or mono to make a mix clean and tight.

⚡️ 03:34 Stereo Width –  Use the width knob to spread your track’s stereo image.  0% is mono, 100% is unaltered and 400% is super wide

⚡️ 04:39 Guitar Tuner Mute / Mute Button –  The Utility has a mute button.  If you group a guitar tuner with the Utility at the end with the mute on, anytime you turn on the group, you can tune your guitar without the Audience hearing it.

⚡️ 05:22 Check your Mix in Mono – If you put a utility on the Master track, you can push the “Mono” to check your mix in mono.  Listening to a mix in mono helps one adjust volume off tracks easier.

⚡️ 06:00 Phase Inversion – If you are recording drums with multiple microphones, these phase buttons on the Utility can help invert the phase for out of phase microphones. 

⚡️ 06:20 Save the Utility on a Default Audio Track – Add a Utility to a blank audio track.  Right click on the track and select “Save on Default Audio Track”.  Now anytime you create a new audio track, the Utility will already be on your new track for you.

I hope this can help you.  Thanks for watching


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