Ableton Which Effect or Plugin is Causing Latency


This is how to figure out what plugin or effect is causing the most latency in your project so you can remove or modify it to make it a faster live set.

Here is how to find which plugin VST or effect is causing most latency:

  • Turn on delay compensation under the “”Options Tab” in the top left of the Ableton. (With “Delay Compensation” on, you can scroll over the top bar of a plugin to see how much latency it causes. It is fun to compare third party plugin latencies to Ableton stock latencies. Especially if you are trying to streamline your project.)
  • Hoover over the effects in question and you will see how much latency they are causing in the bottom left
  • Search your effects to see which ones are causing the most latency and modify them if needed
  • After you’re done, turn off delay compensation for a faster project, all though all the plugins won’t be synced

    Side Note – Ableton uses the “Delay Compensation” button to perfectly synchronize all of you track latencies from various plugins. With “Delay Compensation” on, Ableton adjusts all the tracks playback starting with the track with the longest latency. This way they all play in sync.

I hope this helps you


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